3 Things to do Mother's Day Weekend (Besides Brunch)

3 Things to do Mother's Day Weekend (Besides Brunch)

And just like that, it's May and nearly summertime. We just stowed away our Easter bunny rabbits and can start to hear murmurs of the school's out for summer jingle. In between now and then, though, is a day we readily indulge in around here -- the Sunday dedicated to all our moms. 


In keeping with her love language, LZ will likely choose to enjoy scheming up a Sunday supper table (on the patio, weather permitting!) with her crew. But, we know for many, a reservation at the local bistro is more relaxing. Whichever you fancy, we're here to give you permission to start celebrating Friday. 


First up, movie night. LZ's girls just discovered the timeless 90s film, A Little Princess, and she's on a mission to share in more classic movie viewings sofaside before they're bopping off to the theatre on their own.

Cool mom tip? Bring the concession stand to your kitchen with Icee cups (fill yours with your post 5pm beverage of choice), popcorn buckets and boxed candies. Here's a few more kid-friendly film suggestions to check off the list: 

  • Little Women — the OG
  • The Princess Diaries
  • Troop Beverly Hills
  • Ice Princess
  • The Parent Trap
  • Matilda
  • Freaky Friday

Your girls a little beyond these? Show your teenager the Gilmore and Gossip Girl from your heyday. Who fondly remembers Felicity?

Open up an at-home bakery on Saturday morning. Anyone else have a million pages earmarked in the dessert section of your cookbooks and screenshots for homemade pastries that will give your kitchen that coveted bakery aroma?

LZ'S OUTFIT: Faithfull The Brand Midi

Task the kiddos with sous chef duty -- need recipe recs? Here's a handful:

Tea time was one of many pandemic rituals in the Z household -- complete with crumpets and story time with the likes of classics like Charlotte's Web and The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe. So close out the weekend with the baked goods from Saturday morning and chamomille tea for sweet sleeps.

LZ's favorite part of this pastime was enjoying a cozy corner of the house that may otherwise go unused -- the formal dining room may be it for you, or invite your kids into the normally off-limits office area.

LZ'S OUTFIT: Lug Von Siga Top & Exclusive Mother Denim.

Much love to all those we call mom on The Avenue -- you are loved and deserving of all these spoils May 8th and every day thereafter. Keep scrolling for picture-perfect outfit options for the weekend and gifts to forward to your other half, daughter and sons. 


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