A Palm Print Like No Other for a Tropical Patio Supper

A Palm Print Like No Other for a Tropical Patio Supper

Palm prints have soared in popularity in recent years, but we promise you this one is something special. 

European artist Chiara Grifantini painted the design exclusively for Summerill & Bishop with her signature luscious strokes, rich color and mesmerizing details. 

I spy an itsy bitsy butterfly dancing around the cascading palm leaves, a perfect example of how this print makes an impression in a sea of similar styles. 

Summerill & Bishop swooped in with their own design brilliance and ensured that, when draped across your dining table, the center provided a crisp white canvas so your meal and serving pieces could take center stage come mealtime. 

So, we went long on colorful flora and placed these stunning emerald green napkins atop white dishes to make diners feel like they'd been transported to a tropical resort. 

The texture of the sisal beaded napkin ring is mirrored in the island-wrapped glassware

SHOP THE LOOK: les palmiers linen table cloth [$280] x emerald stonewash linen napkin [$14] x sisal berry napkin ring [$25] x natural palm placemat [$42]

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