A Truly 24/7 Frock in a Gorgeous Olive Green

A Truly 24/7 Frock in a Gorgeous Olive Green

You know how people started wearing what essentially looked like PJs on the streets? 

I haven't fully gotten on board with that trend, but this dress is pretty darn close. The designers behind the brand, Sleeper, had exactly this in mind: make nightwear that could cross daytime boundaries. 

The Avenue HQ is still our family's home, so the early mornings, focused afternoons and dinnertime definitely start to blend together, especially in the summertime. So, having something cute and cool to throw on and feel like I can accomplish all the things is necessary these days.

I can't wait to continue wearing this olive color that looks so luxe in this linen well into fall, but for summer, these lemon drop earrings are just about everything. The sunglasses blend right into the easy look. 

This bag just recently sold out, but Brigitte (the affectionate name for this dress style) would look real cute with this mini basket bag or this tote if you've got more in tow. Plus! Green and pink have never done anyone wrong. 

Same sad out-of-stock story for my hat, but we have similar styles here. Last but not least, my sandals are linked here. Have a great week! 

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