Carte Blanche with Agee Leinberry

Carte Blanche with Agee Leinberry

This fall, we had the pleasure of joining Veronica Beard’s team at an intimate dinner here in Houston in celebration of their new collection at their local storefront. The Swanson sister has shopped on The Avenue a time or two to stock her East coast home with dishes and glassware for the company she keeps on weekends, so we gabbed about the blazer that started it all, the new age of entertaining and what we think is the future for storefronts. Cue the lady leading that effort at VB, Agee, their Senior Brand Visual Manager, making her way around the country to ensure each space meets the always chic standards of their brick-and-mortars here, there and everywhere. We knew such a title meant she had a keen eye and great taste, so over dessert, she and our Editorial Director determined she’d be slated for the next Carte Blanche.


Current color crush: I never fall out of love with olive green - happy yet neutral. 

Eternal style muse: Really depends if I'm in a minimalist or maximalist mood but if I must pick one I'm going with Jane Birkin. 

An under-the-radar Instagram feed that’s a total treasure trove: @jujuveravintage, a vintage jewelry curation by my sweet friend Julia Ferentino! 

Best part of your job: The travel and friendship! I'd say my team fully embodies the "work hard, play hard" mentality!! 

Your happy place: A Fall day frolicking around doesn't get any better. 

Film you’ve seen more times than you care to admit: It's a tie between Center Stage or Now and Then. 

Avenue must-have: Themis Z espresso cups!! I adore the brightness these bring to my morning coffee. 

Favorite Montauk haunt: I could seriously eat 3 meals a day at Crow's Nest. Sign me up for a lobster fettuccine, peppercorn daisy (the best spicy pineapple tequila situation) and cap off the night with a stunning sunset over Lake Montauk. 

Something few people know: I grew up unicycling - thanks Montessori! 

A quote or mantra to sum up your current style mood: Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them. 

Our fridge is never without: My fridge is confused if it wants to be dairy free or not! You can always find multiple varieties of oat milks and cheeses. 

Wouldn’t it be cool if: Good memories would never fade. 

Holiday drink of choice: A cozy glass of bordeaux by the fire.  


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