Carte Blanche with Amanda Jones Vaughan

Carte Blanche with Amanda Jones Vaughan

carte blanche

Amanda Jones Vaughan came across our radar this spring, and ICYM her expertly curated Avenue edit, there’s more where her fashion-forward eye came from in this month’s edition of Carte Blanche. The VIP Client Relations Manager at Net-a-Porter’s closet is always a cut above the rest, so when she asked to set the table with us, we quickly obliged. Here, she showcases not one but two expertly set ‘scapes with different color stories but the same stylish standard she spoils us with on her stories daily. Her high-low mix is at play just like with her looks, and several of her picks are now a part of the summer Final Few edit. Escape to the rooftops of Manhattan for her fresh spin on al fresco and then step inside her apartment where she serves up a funky twist on feminine.


Current color crush: Forever a green gal, but returning to rich browns lately.

Eternal style muse: My mama.

An under-the-radar Instagram feed that’s a total treasure trove: @gingerjarlampco is, as you can guess, a ginger jar lamp dream. And not too much of a secret but you can't help but smile following @hillhousevintage.

Best part of your business: Meeting our wonderful clients throughout the country (and globe!) and getting to see what NET-A-PORTER means to them - how fashion can play such a vital role both in their everyday lives and their happiest, biggest moments and that we can help make that possible.

Your happy place: Blessed to have a few but currently cannot wait for bar seats at a crowded NYC haunt having a late dinner and one too many martinis.

Film you’ve seen more times than you care to admit: Will never not want to watch The Sound of Music (and those curtain clothes make my heart skip a beat in a whole new way these days!) although I can also probably relay Three Ninjas scene by scene thanks to my brothers.

Avenue must-have: I constantly reach for my green striped linen tablecloth from Summerill and just stocked up on the matching napkins. Stunning color, quality and they are oh so subtly scented- making setting the table just a bit more magical.

Favorite NYC haunt: I have a laundry list of favorites but my husband and I have gone to Raoul's for our anniversary and Christmas for almost a decade now. Steak frites, the burger, martinis- nothin better.

Coffee table book of choice: I gifted "Snapshots of Dangerous Women" to all of my bridesmaids, mom and mother in law before our wedding, "Beige is Not a Color" is beautiful book of interior inspiration and the title serves as a fab style mantra, Beata Heuman's "Every Room Should Sing" has magic on every page, and I will never not want to live in the world of Slim Aarons.

A quote or mantra to sum up your current style mood: "Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn" - Gore Vidal.

Our fridge is never without: Hu Kitchen Chocolate and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream for a forever sweet tooth.

Never leave the house without: Amanda Brooks' book "Always Pack A Party Dress" is a fun read but an even better reminder- whether on my person or in my bag, a fun frock is typically coming with me out the door.... just in case!

Photography by Lacy Kiernan Carroll (@lacyshoots).

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