Carte Blanche with Devon Liedtke

Carte Blanche with Devon Liedtke

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Our neighbor, Devon Liedtke, has a style sensibility all her own, the defining characteristic we seek in all our Carte Blanche contributors. 

She's no stranger to setting the table, and never fails to incorporate her signature "nuanced neutral" approach, the breath of fresh tablesetting air we are welcoming come Mother's Day next month. 
Devon's table spotlights Grecian tableware that suits all seasons -- and breakfast, lunch or dinner. You'll recall the same design deployed for a fall afternoon in Montauk. Cascading tulips complete the spring mood, and D is dressed in a Staud staple that effortlessly allows for whatever mothering entails that day. 

Her stint studying design in Europe coupled with launching Paloma & Co. alongside local interior powerhouse Paloma Contreras has informed her debut personal endeavor, The DL, a digital inspiration platform + creative services business.

When digging a little deeper with Devon, we discovered her mom is her greatest source of inspiration and her two girls (identical twins, Elle & Liv!) love lending a helping hand to set the table. She's no stranger to the make-it-work moments required to run her own biz and raise three little ones.


A mom who inspires you? My mom. Possibly the most thoughtful person I know. We celebrated every moment worthy of celebration as I grew up. A lost tooth, valentine's day, birthday months. It was a very joyful childhood and I have no doubt that influenced the way I mother and live life. 

Tell us your kids names & ages! Elle and Liv (identical twins! 4.5) and Jack (almost 2)

What's a unique tradition your family has to celebrate life's special moments? Oh man! That is a great question. Nothing specific comes to mind here, Just relishing in all being together and celebrating the big and small moments in life - birthdays, recitals, spelling a word right for the first time, trying something new- all special little moments.

Do your kids play a part in your biz? LZ's love helping her set the table, are yours following in your footsteps in any way? YES! The girls love helping me from shopping for food and flowers to arranging flowers, cooking, and setting the table. They have a lot of opinions, and my husband loves to tell me the apple didn't fall far from the tree there!  As for  Jack, we adore you buddy, but we keep our little Dennis the Menace away from the table at the moment! He joins when it's time to eat!  

Current color crush: White 

Eternal style muse: My kids 

Best part of your business/job: A few things come to mind here. First, being creative and getting to follow that everyday. I love that no two days are the same. Second, creating my own schedule that allows flexibility to work and to be a mom. You will often find me at all my kid's activities in the afternoon's and then you can often find me in my office late into the night. I cherish being a mom and having my own business. Lots of make it work moments! 

Your happy place: No questions asked, the outdoors. In nature is where I am happiest. oh, so very virgo! 

Film you’ve seen more times than you care to admit: Already feel the judgement here, but definitely Dumb and Dumber. My husband and I can quote that movie front and back. Just two truly sophisticated people that love the dumbest move ever!  T-t-true love, folks. 

Avenue must-have: Everything on this table! 

Favorite Houston haunt: The Menil 

Something few people know: I am very into signs! You can find me kissing the clock when I catch 11:11 on the clock everyday. 

A quote or mantra to sum up your current style mood: Authenticity.

Our fridge is never without: Nutpods! I rely heavily on nutpods for my morning coffees and afternoon cold brews. 

Wouldn’t it be cool if: we didn't let fear hold us back from our full potential! 

Drink of choice: Coffee, water, red wine. repeat. 

& lastly, tell us what's next on the DL? eek! Lately I have been working with a lot of amazing brands, and I have loved creating content for them and putting my own spin on their products.  Of course,  I also love creating my own content with my own POV for the DL and working with clients in different ways from design help to styling. Just being creative everyday in different ways is so rewarding. As for up next, there is a lot on the horizon that I am working and trying to bring to life both personally and professionally. I guess I am keeping it on the DL, until it's on the DL! See what I did there? 

Devon is one of many moms that inspire us in performing the juggling act of pursuing their unique endeavors all whilst raising their littles. The joy Devon has found in carving out her corner of the web after bedtime to bring her readers a plea for linen sheets, a Mezcalito recipe for summer and her essential Round Top guide. Get it all on the DL and follow along every step of the way @devonliedtke.

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