LZ's List: Billowy Blouses, Blazers, and All the Neutral Prints

LZ's List: Billowy Blouses, Blazers, and All the Neutral Prints

LZ List

Believe it or not, as much as I love a good sweater, a blazer may beat it out in my books. I love how crisp and polished they look, and I always find its one of my most comfortable garments. I almost always wear one when I'm traveling, and I usually put on a dressier top underneath so I can usually transition into my evening agenda without changing. 


  1. Blazer - 5-star reviews for this blazer at a great price point with just enough poppy red to help it transition from fall to holiday easily.
  2. Polka Bow Blouse - Small scale polka dots are the perfect print to layer under this plaid, and we love how this bow will rest on top of the collar for a feminine punch. 
  3. Denim - Love this wash -- would live in these! 
  4. Lilly Earrings - This caramel color is so quintessentially fall and warms up any look. 
  5. Leather Bag - Love a scrunchie handle of all kinds, and this is the ideal mid-size bag to dump my laptop, carpool lunch and all the other weekday necessities to power me through! 
  6. Loafers - With neutral color schemes, more is more when it comes to print, so I'm finishing off this caramel meets ivory and black look with a comfy snake skin loafer. 

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