Adults Sweethearts Kitty Sleep Mask

Petite Plume

Adults Sweethearts Kitty Sleep Mask


Petite Plume was inspired by the desire to create sophisticated and comfortable sleepwear in the most exquisite cotton available. In this elegant range of sleepwear, you will see elements of classic colors and styles reminiscent of a bygone era.

Like joyful confetti, the little pink hearts dance across the fabric as if batting their eyelashes.

How adorable are these sweet matching eye masks! They are the perfect gift for the holidays or for a sleepover... and they can be monogrammed to create a truly special memory.  

You will be tucked in luxury and off to dreamland. Bonne nuit.

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  • Sweet pink heart pattern.
  • Handwash 

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  • Sweet pink heart pattern.

Take Care

  • Handwash 

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