Top 10 Weeknight Recipes

A few of my favorite meals for the classic weeknight kitchen-island dinner. 
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Carte Blanche by Ariel Okin of Acclaimed Ariel Okin Interiors & Founder of Fenimore Lane

carte blanche
We love working with our favorite interior designers as they put their creative cap on for a tabletop scheme; just as they pull together the dimensions, patterns and textures of a room together, magic unfolds at the table to make meals memories.
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Carte Blanche with Jenny Bohannon, Loving Owner & Stylist at Tallwood Country House

carte blanche, makemealsmemories
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My Simple Summer Pasta Recipe to Savor In-Season Fresh Produce

Like all good recipes, this one is simple, beautiful, delicious and not only serves a crowd well but delights them all too no matter their age of taste buds. Bon appetit!
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LZ's Santa Barbara Style :: Cooler Summers and Days Ahead

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