OUTLAND DENIM Ellie High Rise Wide Leg Jean, Era Blue

Size 24

Outland was founded on high ground - both ethically and geographically. Born on an Australian mountaintop and made with the makers in mind, our origins reside within a meeting of passion and purpose, and a guy named James who conceived of a plan to give jobs to young women who desperately needed them after he learnt about the scourge of human trafficking. Fast forward a few years and James is sitting in a cafe in Cambodia with some bolts of denim, scissors and cardboard cutouts figuring out how to piece together a top-notch pair of jeans. All the while people were telling him he was mad because fashion is a terrible industry to be in. As it turns out, those people were right. Fashion is a terrible industry to be in - it’s mostly wasteful, hazardous to human health, fueling environmental degradation, collectively emitting more CO2 than most countries, and perpetuating human exploitation (the exact reason James got into the business in the first place)! So, James and his merry band of Outlanders sought out more sustainable raw materials and Outland established its very own wash house to undergird its very worthy mission without polluting the Earth. An enduring penchant for good jeans and a cowboy heartbeat eventually culminated into the growing collection of effortless, timeless and coveted denim and complementary apparel that you see here today. It also saw Outland become the first Australian, and second denim brand globally, to become B Corp certified. As a result of more enlightened customers (like you!), we have been able to realize our mission of giving work to victims of human trafficking. This has placed Outland at the forefront of global citizenship in the fashion industry. Each pair of Outlands spares the earth and elevates the women who artfully craft each garment, all while making you look (and feel) pretty darn good.

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  • Organic Cotton: Soft, durable, and sustainably sourced.

  • Chemical-Free: Safe for you and the environment.

  • 100% Traceable Denim: Transparency in our supply chain.

  • Vegan Materials: Cruelty-free and ethical.

  • Eco-Friendly Technology: Minimizing water and energy use.

Fit Notes
  • LZ is 5'7", 120 lbs. & wears size 25
  • Fits true-to-size
Take Care
  • 42% Lyocell 40% Recycled Cotton 17% Organic Cotton 1% Elastane
  • 14.5 oz Comfort Stretch Denim