Carte Blanche by Ariel Okin of Acclaimed Ariel Okin Interiors & Founder of Fenimore Lane

Carte Blanche by Ariel Okin of Acclaimed Ariel Okin Interiors & Founder of Fenimore Lane

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One impetus for Lyndsey pivoting from blogging to this shoppable lifestyle concept was her itch to collaborate with all the inspiring women she discovered through Instagram and the industry.

Ariel Okin was on the top of that list, an original follow for Lyndsey as she felt aligned with her aesthetic and affinity for unique art, furniture and objects for the home. So, it's only natural that her newest venture, Fenimore Lane, highlights her natural gift for sourcing timeless pieces that are equal parts fun and sophisticated. 

Lyndsey's desire to learn from likeminded personalities in the industry and encourage each other's endeavors is shared by Ariel. Fenimore Lane features a page dedicated to such, and Ariel expanded on this in an article in Arch Digest announcing the business's launch earlier this summer: 

“Whether it’s a shopkeeper, designer, or artist, I want to talk to those whose style I admire and who have a distinct point of view. I want to hear about their childhoods, their influences, and their favorite coffee table books.”

We were honored to have Lyndsey on the initial list alongside other creatives we know and admire. See the full post here and discover a few little known facts about our founder.

We then turned the spotlight on Ariel to showcase her creative prowess as part of our Carte Blanche series. Her distinct eye mixed and matched several pieces we never thought of combining, which is precisely why we love tapping other tastemakers to set the table and do their thing.


The result was this cheerful setting with an ease about it that felt so fitting for the summer season. Melamine serving platters with a pinky undertone made for an easy presentation piece to highlight fresh produce and require very little time once dish duty begins. 

Wicker accents were also played up, a fabrication Ariel is extremely familiar with from her background in creating her Society Social collection, which you can shop here. Highly recommend.

Blue and white linens made for a breezy backdrop and allowed the linen accents to pop and coordinate with the same sunshine appeal of the blooming sunflowers. 

There was no shortage of color in this setting, something we applaud Ariel for as we can rarely resist a statement dish to pack a real punch on a place setting. She deployed these Casa Lopez dishes with a vibrant floral scheme and set these Italian splatter dishes on top, revealing the prints are often better layered. 

Our exclusive Loulou La Dune linens added an understated elegance and sense of place. 

In our quick Q&A with Ariel, she confessed she's having a moment with all things Murano, and we love the use of the yellow here to mirror the cheerful tone in the woven lemon napkin rings. 

So, despite our current travel limitations, we loved chatting with Ariel online and never fail to leave her Instagram without feeling extra inspired. 

We couldn't have dreamt up a better Carte Blanche to bid adieu to summer days as we enter Labor Day weekend, so here's hoping Ariel's setting with its seasonally fresh menu sends you into the long weekend with all the summer feels. 


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