Behind the Design of My Tinker Bell Costume by David Peck

Behind the Design of My Tinker Bell Costume by David Peck

If you follow me on the 'gram, you saw that Halloween came a couple weeks early in our household. We helped chair the annual gala for the Houston's Children Museum, and I am so proud of what we accomplished in a single evening for a cause and community I feel so passionate about supporting.  

When we decided to have a costume gala, I spent weeks wracking my brain on what to be. I get mistakenly labeled as the "creative" type often with my interest in fashion and blogging background. But! The truth is, creative juices definitely don't always flow. But, when I finally starting thinking about how I could elevate some classic characters, I got hooked on the idea of Peter Pan -- pun very intended. 

I knew who to turn to in Houston for a one-of-a-kind Tinker Bell costume that felt true to my sense of style and something I could repurpose for future wears. 

David Peck and I first met 6 years ago when we worked together on a fashion charity event and I've been a huge fan of his both personally (our kids attend the same school!) and professionally since.


It's been awesome watching his career as a designer grow and evolve and I am most excited about the niche he's carved in the custom apparel world. His one-of-a-kind pieces for weddings, galas and most recently costumes are truly unique and special. 

We've been plotting this since early summer (gasp, I know!), and when I saw this Tinker Bell meets Chanel yellow and chartreuse tweed, I was done and have been having Tinker Bell dreams since. 

He went above and beyond and made these incredible light-up wings that compelled me to stay on the dance floor all night long, and there is video to prove it. 

Like with all things The Avenue, I especially love having my kids in tow for little field trips like to David's office to show them just how much hard work and detail goes into creating something so special. 

David even outfitted me in accessories to match, so I was in my favorite fabric from handbag to heel. 

I'm already dreaming about next year's costume! 

I love when the best of all my worlds collide, and this costume crafting experience was certainly one of those collisions.


Supporting a Houston cause that does so much for this city and an artisan who has mastered his craft all whilst exploring my own creative passions and showing my kids what fun philanthropy and fashion can be. 

Now! Onto my outfit for the real deal on October 31st -- so curious, what are y'all being?! 

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