Carte Blanche with Interior Designer Lindsey Herod: A Traditional Garden Party with Tropical Twists

Carte Blanche with Interior Designer Lindsey Herod: A Traditional Garden Party with Tropical Twists

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When deciding to debut this tastemaker series, we knew we had to tap Lindsey Herod, LZ's interior designer as our first. 

We're calling it carte blanche as the French have coined the perfect term to describe our vision for this series.

We give the style maven of the month complete and total creative liberty to execute their entertaining vision from our current collections.

We love the direction Lindsey took -- starting with a chic blank canvas of crisp white with this tablecloth. 

She then kept things consistent by combining items in this stunning Mediterranean sea green colorway.

The block print napkins pop with their pattern, and the lacquered napkin rings add texture and complete the setting.

These retro-inspired glasses not only blend seamlessly into the look but they're super practical to boot. Pop them in the dishwasher post-party for easy clean-up.

Bonus points: the glassware includes a pitcher, which will prove to be the perfect vessel when you decide to mix up Lindsey's signature, simple margaritas.  



• two parts silver tequila
• two parts fresh squeezed lime juice
• one part agave 
• one part Cointreau 


Stir or shake with ice and serve with a pinch of salt. 
Lindsey's interiors maintain a traditional sense, but she always leaves room for fresh, modern elements. She accomplished exactly that by incorporating this eye-catching tray to serve up her margs.
The island wrapped pitcher is suited for summer and pairs perfectly with our basketweave flatware
From our WEAR shop, Lindsey headed straight toward the Lyford Cay collection to see what styles would suit this tropical-inspired soirée. This headband and a pair of our popular rattan earrings seemed just right. 
Given the gorgeous weather that day, these sunglasses were necessary, too. 
If you love any or all of Lindsey's look, here are all the deets! 
Thanks for setting the standard high for future tastemakers to come, Lindsey! We're continuously inspired by your interiors and now want to party with you, too. 
I mean! So good. See Lindsey's site here and follow her on Instagram.
Stay tuned for more volumes of Carte Blanche to come from other stylish table setters and dressers.

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