My Sneaker Saga & The Happiest Pair of Denim Shorts I Own

My Sneaker Saga & The Happiest Pair of Denim Shorts I Own

True story: rather than taking the shirt off my intern's back, I took the sneakers off her feet. 

I'd resisted the mega popular Golden Goose trend up until this point, but when our sweet summer intern Janie showed up in this pair, I got starry-eyed. Apparently, she was ready for a fresh pair, and I was ready for my first GG, and like a 21st century Cinderella story, they fit like a dream.

Little did I know these were a hot commodity and nowhere to be found online despite my best efforts to find them for you guys. Good news is this colorful sneaker trend is being done by a lot of brands, so I've linked some other favorites below. 

    1. Running leopard jacquard low-top trainers - a little leopard goes a long way especially when they're half off!
    2. Isabel Marant Beth sneakers - my other go-to you may have seen me rocking on social lately, soooo comfy I cannot recommend these enough
    3. adidas Raf Simons Torsion Stan sneakers - love me a mint
    4. Claudine lace-up sneaker - also at Shopbop and Neiman's
    5. Golden Goose Running Sole distressed leather sneaks - on sale & popular sizes in stock! / same pair at Nordstrom but not on sale

Bonus pair! These are $75 today with the Shopbop sale on sale  and stocked in practically all sizes. SNAG!

I always find myself wearing patterned denim shorts all summer long. It's the easiest excuse to wear your comfiest white tee while feeling like you put some effort in your outfit. 

The plain white tee gave me permission to play with accessories, so I rocked these rainbow hoops that are so lightweight and surprisingly subtle with the thin baguette design. I never leave the house without a headband these days, and our signature denim style seemed suited for this look. 

OUTFIT DETAILS | star-studded denim headband - exclusive to The Avenue | rainbow baguette hoop earrings | Goldie white tee | Kristen floral pattern denim shorts | look-a-like sneaks above

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