What I Wore to The Greenbrier, West Virginia's Hotel Jewel

What I Wore to The Greenbrier, West Virginia's Hotel Jewel

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I cannot believe The Greenbrier has been hiding from me all of these years. Just one state over from where I grew up, I was blown away by this little slice of West Virginia heaven! We dropped my oldest off at camp in North Carolina and wanted a spot that was kid friendly and adult approved, which can be challenging. The Greenbrier delivered and then some!

Set in White Sulphur Springs, calling this destination a Southern castle wouldn't be a far cry from the truth. From the moment you step foot on the property, you're enchanted by the majestic mountain scenery, delighted by the color-infused decor and feeling right at home with the friendly staff. A special shout-out to Maddy, our travel agent, who booked us at this magical West Virginia wonderland.

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Whenever I’m on trips, I always tell myself I’ll write a travel guide focused on what you guys care about the most: what to do and what to wear in that particular spot. Then I return from vacation only to be sidetracked by real life again. In the moment seems to be my best shot at actually putting pen to paper, so I’m writing from the front porch of our adorable Greenbrier cottage to fill y’all in on our experience!

Before I go into what to wear for every occasion, I want to highlight the cottages at The Greenbrier. We stayed with four families in a large cottage and then a few extra days in a two-bedroom on the property and loved the experience! It was like renting a house but with all of the great amenities that hotels offer. A win-win if you’re traveling with kids! 

Each house has its own distinct interior design personality too! If you know one thing about the resort, it's likely the iconic interiors, decked in striking Dorothy Draper fabrics from the lobby to the indoor pool.

These playful prints make this palace a paradise for kids and adults like me who love nothing more than taking in the eye candy as inspiration.  

So, when packing, I channeled my inner Mrs. Draper. Floral prints, bright colors, preppy tweed and pearls piled high in my suitcase to ensure I was styled in my grandma chic best. The Greenbrier takes timeless traditions to heart and there is a pretty strict dress code in place in some of the dining areas on the property, so I kept that in mind, too. Onto the outfits! 

tweed jacket, two ways

look i

look ii

Don’t let the dress code deter you; dressing up is a part of the experience! There are more casual dining options too, but a special part of the memories we will take away from our stay will be leaning into this old-school approach to living. I may have been nicknamed “Tweedy” one evening at the casino and I’m pretty sure this name will stick among my closest friends who traveled with us.

floral dress 

We experienced sunshiney days throughout our stay, which made all the activities from bike riding and tennis to golf for the guys more enjoyable. There's even croquet, yet another testament to the unique offerings of the resort.


on the court
biking adventure 


It felt very fitting to celebrate Memorial Day at "America's resort." We donned our red, white and blue and joined the other families for a festive evening under the clear, star-lit skies. 

americana attire 

I cherished every second of quality time with my Charlie girl as I know it's only a matter of time before she joins L at camp. We enjoyed afternoon tea, and it felt like the most picturesque pastime with my not-so-little girl. 

checkers date with charlie

Needless to say, we fell in love the timeless Greenbrier: it's elegant but equipped with everything your family needs for an unforgettable getaway and breath of fresh air from big city life. I'm tempted to make a pit stop here as my own version of summer camp in the years to come.  I promise this West Virginia gem is worth a trip; I hope you find yourself in this land before time someday soon! x 

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