Our Spin on a Chic Super Bowl Sunday

Our Spin on a Chic Super Bowl Sunday

Posted by Lyndsey Zorich on

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This time of year gets a bad wrap when really, we love staying home watching the awards show and this Sunday's premiere event, the Super Bowl.

We have no skin in the game, but we'll be sure to use it an excuse to invite our neighborhood over for a casual gathering to comment on the commercials and indulge in our favorite snacks.

Pop over here to see the cookbook we're putting to use for crowd-pleasing (and dude approved!) apps.

Here's what we're serving up, and how we're setting up: 

1. Aurora Sphere Vase, Amber  $35

2. Artisan Serving Plank - $32

3. Hot Rattan Oval Buffet - - $84 

4. Brass Wine Opener - $28 

5. Confetti Serving Bowl - $65 // Confetti Cereal Bowl (for nuts, crudité) - $18 

6. Gingham Melamine Plate - $8 

7. Champagne Trough - $419 

8. Chroma Pitcher, Amber - $30

9. Scallop Platter, Medium - $72 // Scallop Platter, Small - $60 

10. Melamine Paper Platter - $32

11. Melamine Salad Bowl & Tongs - $38

12. Handwoven Coaster Set, Assorted - $20

13. Gingham Napkin, Grey - $15

14. Perle Tumbler, Amber - $24 

15. Mini Colored Cheese Spreaders - $12

16. Woven Stripe Napkin, Black x White - $15

17. Woven Hand Towel/Placemat, Assorted - $30

18. Stone Scallop Plate - $32

19. Hobnail Votives - $12

20. Gingham Napkin, Red - $15

21. Island Tray with Glass Inset, Medium - $120


The entire photo is shoppable by clicking the yellow plus signs - +.

Most of the day will take place in front of the TV in the living room, but when guests get hungry, we'll have snacks sprawled on the kitchen island and a few place settings for kids and parents to rotate in and out. 

Bret's favorite beer and crowd-pleasing apps are good when you need something in a pinch. Setting individual cereal size bowls out makes the snack spread look all the more enticing, even if it is store-bought. Our favorite is under $20 and will easily lend themselves to other events and occasions. 

And nobody will be mad if you bust out a bottle of bubbles. Life's short; make celebrating a priority!  We're using our go-to coupes, this wine bottle opener (or this as a more casual option at under $20) and our favorite cocktail napkin set.  

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